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How Good your English has to be for IELTS test?

Have you decided to study abroad or are you planning to work abroad? Is it in UK, Australia, and USA? 

If you have then you may or may not have heard about IELTS test.

What is an IELTS test?

IELTS stands for International English Language testing system. It is a test consisting of four levels. These four levels are: reading, listening, speaking and writing. As a very high level of English is required to score a good band in the test so it is very difficult for a common man to score a good band in one go without the help of professionals. To score a good band in the IELTS exam you have to make sure that you are strong in all the four sections and for the preparation of test you can join the best IELTS institute in Jaipur.

Now, here the question arises: how good your English should be for clearing IELTS.

The way you speak English matters. It is considered as your style. You should speak formally while giving your test. The examiner will not only check your pronunciation but also the way you communicate. You can’t say – Ya, gotcha instead of it you should say – Yes, I got it. Every little thing makes a difference. 

You should correctly frame your sentences so that it can give a good impression to the examiner. Your sentence should be easy to understand, accurate and to the point. You should answer the questions in a proper sentence. It; not should be one or two words. For ex if the examiners ask how many brothers and sisters you have. You could not answer it 2 or 3 simply. Instead, you have to properly give the answer like we are 3, one younger brother and one elder sister.

Only strong vocabulary is not enough to get a good band in the IELTS. Your grammar should also be strong enough as it plays a very important role in the test. It is used at all four levels. If you know correct grammar then you will have a better understanding of words. While answering questions about yourself, you must focus on whether the subject you are talking about is in the past, present or future tense. The examiner notices each and everything. Let’s say you have been asked to tell about yourself. While sharing few of your experiences you say “It happens back in 2017” instead of saying “It happened back in 2017”. Here the examiner will notice your wrong use of tense. 

When you are giving the speaking test then you should be careful that you are not using slang language as it can give a negative impact to the examiner. Instead, you should make sure that your English should be fluent and you are using good and catchy words in speaking and writing skills as it creates a good impression to the examiner. If you’re fluent in speaking then the examiner can ignore your one or two grammatical error. 

Your confidence while speaking does matter. You should not be hard-headed but should also not lack confidence. If you have lack of confidence then the simplest questions can also become the hardest to understand for you and to give a proper answer to such questions without any hesitation is only possible when you will apply for the best IELTS preparation institute in Jaipur or any other city where you live. Along with the preparation for the test they also help the students to boost up their confidence.

One should make sure that his/her basics are strong enough to score a good band. It’s only the basics game that makes all the difference between the score in the test. The basics are very important. We all know a building will not be able to bear weight if its root isn’t strong. Imagine yourself as the building and weight as the IELTS test. The only way to clear the test is by having strong basics. Your tenses, verbs, voices, pronunciation, nouns, adverbs, pronoun and etc. all should be good.

You might think that these are the things I had have mastered in my childhood. But are you sure, you would be able to clear IELTS with Band 9 score. Are you ready for the risk? If not then you should search for the best IELTS & German institute in Jaipur and clear the exam in one go with the expert score. 

One more thing that matters is your writing skills. It is not mandatory to use big words to create an impression. Something simple can be as convey as a mother’s explanation to her little one. 

It is not the words that convey a message but it is the meaning behind those words that create an impact.

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