Indian fans lash out at Abdul Razzaq for his comments on IPL

Abdul Razzaq, the former Pakistani all-rounder has once again found himself under hot waters. This time, he has came to limelight for his racist comments over IPL and the comparison between Pakistan Super League (PSL) and Indian Premier League (IPL). For the reason, Indians fans have lash out at him calling him “one of the finest comedians”.

Previously, in December 2019, Razzaq was spotted saying Bumrah a baby bowler on one of his tweet and said that he would have attacked better if dominated by him. He continued by saying that he would not have faced much troubles while facing a baby bowler like Bumrah.

This already had became the reason for loading himself with heights of criticism. Indian cricketer, Irfan Pathan however told him to free himself from all these but Razzaq has managed to do all these once again. This all has led to thousands of critic comments from citizens and Indian fans.

Pulling off another controversial statement creating comparison between IPL and PSL, he said,

“If a team of best players from the Indian Premier League faced a team made-up of the best players from Pakistan Super League, the PSL team would win.

Here are some tweets of fans lashing out at him.


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